Pool Fences

Having proper pool fencing isn’t just a good idea. It is strict government regulations, which requires owners and occupants to have properly-maintained barriers around all pools.

Aluminium Fencing Sydney provides a range of pool fencing solutions that meet all current regulations and are fully compliant. This means, you will not be hit with costly expenses to make your fence compliant later on, when the pool fence is inspected or if you sell your home.

We know that you want your pool area to look just as good as the rest of your property and we can make it look great! Aluminium Fencing Sydney supplies a range of tubular pool fencing to help you get the exact look and feel that will suit your property and budget.

See our Colorbond and Interpon colour charts for all colour options.

  • The standard height for a pool-safe fence is 1200 mm
  • Pool fences can be made higher than 1200 mm, but NOT shorter
  • Pool Safety Standards require your gates open away from the pool and latch posts to sit 300 mm higher than all other post
  • Contact your local council before deciding on your pool fencing requirements

Styles of Pool Fences