When you are ready to organise the building of your new fence and/or gate for your property, we suggest you consider the following before coming to a decision:

  • Are the quotes from a reputable, service-orientated contractor, who has ethical standards of conduct?
  • Are they able to guarantee their workmanship?
  • Will they be around to honour their guarantee, both now and into the future?
  • Do they have public liability insurance cover?
  • Is there any form of credible recourse for you, if something goes wrong?

Before commencing work on your new fence, Aluminium Fencing Sydney will send out a contract outlining our standard Terms & Conditions, the agreed scope of work and the pricing details.

A 10% booking-fee deposit is required before commencing any project. Once a date has been scheduled, a further 40% deposit is required for the delivery of the materials.

Aluminium Fencing Sydney has the right to amend the quotation if not accepted within 30 days. We may need to requote if more than 90 days have passed since the date of the initial quote.

Please note, there is no reduction in cost for low fences or low panels of fencing.

Regulations for fence installations vary from state to state, as well from council to council. In some cases, you will need to get council approval to install a fence. The requirements may include any of the following:

  • The type of material the fence may be constructed from.
  • The allowable height, which may vary depending on whether the fence is located on the front, side, rear or on your property’s corner.
  • The style of the fence may be governed by the estate or heritage conditions.
  • The fence’s effect on pedestrian safety, obstruction to drivers’ vision and drainage issues.

Aluminium Fencing Sydney will use their local knowledge to assist you with meeting your council’s requirements. Please note, all council permits and approvals should be provided by the client.

Whether you’re replacing an old fence or installing a new fence on your property, you need to make sure the fence will be erected in the correct position.

If you have any concerns about the location of the fence line boundary, it may be worth carrying out a check survey by a licensed land surveyor beforehand.